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Hot Dogging

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    3-4 hours
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    7 days a week
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    Summer only
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What's Included

  • Unique twist on white water rafting
  • Get up close and personal with nature
  • Professional guides
  • Epic river adventure
  • Dedicated event specialist
  • FREE access to our online area
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Where can you do this?

Cardiff, Glasgow


Equipment We'll provide everything you need out on the rapids
Kit Requirements Swimwear and dry clothes
Boots Hardy trainers or boots
Referee Experienced instructors on hand all day
Group Size Minimum size of 10 players

"...Use TeamsOnTour, their personal service is unrivalled. Was the best event I have been to in ages, and I have done a lot of Rugby tours...."

More About Hot Dogging...

White water rafting is one unquestionably a fantastic team challenge but hot dogging is taking things to a whole new and slightly mad level! Get as close to the raw power of Mother Nature as you can without jumping out of the boat in these specially designed super lightweight two person crafts. They might sound silly, but these hot dogs are epic!

Take the team out of their comfort zone, with no balls or pitch markings in sight and send them down river through a gauntlet of foaming white water and gurgling rapids to test their grit and determination as well as their strength agility and will to not end up **** creek without a paddle..

With two people in each vessel, your squad will have to communicate well and employ some serious teamwork if they're to stand a chance of completing the course, making this a perfect opportunity to sow up any disputes and bond the team together in anticipation of any tough future fixtures.

The squad will have to be at their fighting best as they battle their way through a gruelling onslaught of raging waters and churning rapids.

Our expert guides will be with you at all times during your session to instruct you on how best to steer and manipulate your hot dog and ensure you're safety out on the rapids; no need to worry about keeping your star player safe from harm.


Looking forward to next year's trip

July 12th 2016

"...From start to finish I had every confidence in the way my enquiry was handled. Very well organised throughout.
Looking forward to next year's trip..." Clive Gardner

Unparalleled value for money!

June 5th 2016

"...What we got was stellar accommodation, great customer service and total transparency combined
with unparalleled value for money!..." Mark Thackwell

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