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Segway Polo

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    2.5 hours
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What's Included

  • A Segway each
  • A variety of team Segway games
  • Full riding instruction
  • Two wheeled sporting anarchy
  • Dedicated event specialist
  • FREE access to our online area
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Where can you do this?

Cork, Dublin, Newquay


Equipment We'll sort you out with everything you'll need
Kit Requirements Outdoor wear advised
Boots Trainers or shoes
Referee Referees and instructors supplied
Group Size Minimum size of 10 players

"...Use TeamsOnTour, their personal service is unrivalled. Was the best event I have been to in ages, and I have done a lot of Rugby tours...."

More About Segway Polo...

Polo was once reserved for only wealthiest, poshest members of society, but thankfully that class barrier has been smashed down with the invention of Segway polo, an electric powered, two wheeled twist on the classic game of riding horses around and hitting balls with giant hammers. Easy to master, the Segway is the ultimate beast to ride into battle.

After some instruction on how to steer and stop and a quick safety briefing, you'll each get your very own noble mount for use in a series of competitive games.

There are a number of chaotic games for you to get stuck into. Ever thought Frisbee needed spicing up? Try catching and throwing the things while zipping around a field on a Segway. Think Call of Duty is a bit slow? Engage in some nerf gun warfare atop your motorised stallion. Cool off with a final game of Segway water blaster warfare and soak your teammates in the most bizarre depiction of warfare there is ever likely to be.

Stop worrying about those upcoming fixtures and rest those weary legs while still getting the squad together for some fast paced competition as you split into two teams and duke it out in a high octane contest of wits, finesse, balance and ... leaning. See who emerges victorious in this brilliant adaptation of one of the world's most exclusive sports.

Best still, there won't be an oil tycoon or super rich prince in sight all day.


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July 12th 2016

"...From start to finish I had every confidence in the way my enquiry was handled. Very well organised throughout.
Looking forward to next year's trip..." Clive Gardner

Unparalleled value for money!

June 5th 2016

"...What we got was stellar accommodation, great customer service and total transparency combined
with unparalleled value for money!..." Mark Thackwell

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