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Somerset Games


2 - 3 hours of hilarious mayhem!


Weekends only


March - October

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  • Team competition
  • Prize for the winners
  • Great team building fun
  • 9 separate games

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James Barton, 2016


Equipment Everything will be provided for your games
Kit Requirements Teams should be prepared to get messy (so should the coach!)
Boots Comfortable outdoor trainers or boots
Referee Judges will be on hand at all times
Group Size Minimum size of 10 players


As sporting endeavours go, the Somerset Games are unlikely to win any prizes for finesse. This is jaw-aching, stomach-clenching fun from start to finish and a fantastic way to get the team together away from their usual sporting fixtures to share some laughs and still exercise their will to win.

The Games

If ever the Wurzels were to take over the Olympics it would probably be run along these lines. Although rather than sports drinks and hours of dedicated training the sporting endeavours seem to have been created with scrumpy cider and meat pies in mind!?!

Your squad will be split into teams and face each other (and possibly other teams or groups) in riotous sporting endeavour. The very best flavours and humour of Somerset are mixed up to create nine hilarious games;

  • Cider Run Challenge A tasty pint is placed at the end of an inflatable run. Each player simply has to make it to sprint to the end of the run. The only slight snag is the bungee rope holding them back.
  • Pitch Fork Dual Competitors will battle it out with giant inflatable pitchforks to knock each other off small podiums.
  • Mangold Dangling Traditional Somerset bar skittles played with human targets (opposing team members) rather than skittles.
  • Wurzel Knockout Catpults and cider apples combine for the South West craziest shooting gallery.
  • Tractor Tyre Roll Speed, fitness and teamwork come into play as the teams have to flip giant tractor tyres down the course.
  • Vicky Pollards Handbags "It's just a bit of handbags". Giant ones. Dressed in inflatable suits and with soft handbags it's the ultimate pitchside scuffle.
  • Welly Wanging Target shooting wurzel style. Your well aimed wellies will be thorn in order to take down a series of targets.
  • Drunk Pub Skittle Pub skittles are given a tricky twist as players will spin round a pole first with dizzying speed before launching their bowl.
  • Farmer Shower A chance for the teams to finally get their own back on the coach!

This is a first rate team building exercise. Huge laughs and game play along will be in evidence but teamwork and some strategic planning will be required to win out on this hilarious day of South West inspired madness.



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