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How to get started: the tour checklist

So you're in the position of Tour Manager, either via official status as club rep or by recommendation as the party most likely not to cock things up or because no other bugger will do it. Either way the responsibility for planning a successful team event has come down to you so you might aswell get it right...

These are the key things you should be thinking about, some of them are fairly obvious but just getting them into some kind of order will give you the planning efficiency you need to get a successful few days off the ground.

What do you want to do?

1. What do you want to do?

Is it a tour where you want to play sport, watch sport, do something fun or completely different or just celebrate or all 4!? Is it a tour with a special consideration such as an anniversary, memorial, victory, cup win and so on. Once you have this clear you've got the "main vein" of the tour identified, it's easier for the practical requirements such as activities, accommodation, transport, nightlife and other ground services can start to take shape.

What do you want to do?

2. Where do you want to go?

This is either something you'll be dead set on or flexible about (because it's the itinerary and what you want to be doing that's the main focus). You might also have a feeling about staying in the UK, or going abroad. If it's in the UK how far do you want to go? Within 2-3 hours versus somewhere completely different like deep country. If it's abroad, think about what's important and what services you require and where they can be delivered. Decide and be clear on what do you need from your destination. The more clarity you have the easier it is to identify suitable options. Here's destination ideas >

3. Who's going?

You know the reason for the tour and where you want to go, now you have to decide if the tour is an invitation you're going to extend to the whole squad / group or are you keeping it more elite / selective? How many "players" do you need for the tour to work? How are you going to ask them and how are you going to keep on top of responses? What if they say yes and then let you down? What if the tour ends up over or under subscribed?


4. When?

We've covered the different types of tour elsewhere on the site, the most obvious are pre/mid and post season, but you've also got to consider other influential dates like public holidays, special occasions, the weather, squad commitments, birthdays etc. Once you've decided what type of tour it is it's then well worth polling the guys on preferential dates. 

5. The finances

How much do you want to spend? What figure have you got in mind either as an overall sum or per person. Has money been collected yet? If yes can that money be topped up? If not how are you going to get it? How are you going to ask for it? What  deadlines will you need to work to? Are there any systems in place to make this easy? Requesting money in the first place, chasing money, paying for services, deposits, balances, refunds, cancellations, balancing the books and so on. Messing up on finances can be the end of a tour before it starts, or it can be a nightmare throughout the process and (hopefully not) even the tour itself. Do all you can to avoid messing up on finance because despite your best efforts and leadership for the cause, failure here is not great for the club's or your reputation.


6. Insurance & Assurances

Undeniably the boring bit but also essential. As the "tour manager" you have a legal responsibility to make sure of safe passage. You also want to make sure you're not parting with the team's hard earned money to shady third parties. So make sure the club's fulfilled its duty and always make sure everybody's got their own personal insurance that's appropriate for what they'll be doing.


The Tour Manager's responsibilities cannot be approached casually, there's some serious coordination and sobering realities. If it helps, that's exactly what we take care of plus the tour manager gets loads of tools to help them run a successful event, why not drop us a line and see what we can do for you... in the first instance send in an easy tour brief today to get started. Start with the form here.

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