10 Hilarious Football Tantrums

hilarious football tantrums

10 Hilarious Football Tantrums

When it comes to having a world class strop, the sporting world has no better candidates than those in the profession of football. With packed stadiums and egos at the fore, it’s no surprise that footballers are known for throwing their toys out of the pram.

Whether it’s a tiff between the manager and the player, a refereeing decision gone the other way or rival players having a spat, everyone in the world of football seems to think they’ve been unfairly treated. These moments go down in football history because there’s nothing funnier than a grown man throwing a hissy fit that even a toddler could be proud of.

10. Tevez vs Mancini – 27 September 2011

You might well have wanted to say “no” to your boss at some point, but when you’re on Manchester City wages, refusing to play in a Champions League tie against Bayern Munich because the manager didn’t start you is beyond baffling. Proving that ego goes a long way, Tevez simply said “no” upon being called from the bench, a decision that saw the Argentinian suspended for two weeks and fined £500,000.

9. Drogba vs Ovrebo – 6 May 2009

It was FC Barcelona’s last-minute goal (which ended Chelsea’s Champions League run) following four questionable penalty decisions that pushed Didier Drogba over the edge, chasing referee Ovrebo down the tunnel before swearing into every TV camera he could find.

8. Henry vs Poll – 18 December 2001

He’s without doubt one of the greatest players of the game, but Thierry Henry’s on the ball class was occasionally eclipsed by his epic sulks. After a series of curious decisions in a vital premier league fixture between Arsenal and Newcastle, Arsenal’s Henry finally confronted referee Poll with all the emotional composure of a four-year-old. It took Shearer, Keown and some bobbies to finally calm the Frenchman down.

7. Ronaldo vs Nani – 18 November 2010

Cristiano Ronaldo is running rampant through the Spanish defence. After being played in, Ronaldo ghosts into the box before making a sublime drag-back and lobbing Casillas. Before the ball had dropped over the line however, teammate Nani thoughtlessly nodded in from an offside position. It’s one of the greatest goals that never was, followed by an even greater strop. Portugal went on to register a 4-0 win during the international friendly, but Ronaldo’s evening had already been ruined.

6. Gallas vs Himself – 23 February 2008

It’s hard to say exactly what sent Arsenal’s Gallas over the edge. Certainly, the late penalty awarded to Birmingham drove him into complete meltdown as he marched into the Birmingham half and simply stopped playing; a fine display of duty shirking from the Gunner’s captain. The pressure of being the league leaders in February was perhaps too much for Wenger’s side.

5. Balotelli vs Mancini – 24 July 2011

Some footballers bring it on themselves. In a pre-season friendly against LA Galaxy Mario Balotelli found himself clean through on goal, with options all around him and a perfect chance at goal himself “Super Mario” decided instead to turn and attempt to back-heel it in. In a display of divine karma, it awkwardly goes right of the post and Mancini takes Balotelli off, a decision Balotelli somehow finds fault with.

4. Ghaly vs Tottenham Hotspur – 10 May 2007

Tottenham Hotspurs suffered heavy disruptions during their hunt for a European spot during a premier league clash against Blackburn Rovers; Spurs’ Hossam Ghaly only made matters worse. After a frustrating time on the pitch, it’s hard to blame anyone for getting angry about being substituted. It might be wise however, to avoid throwing your club shirt at the ground in anger, especially if you want to avoid ending up playing for Derby the following year.

3. Baldini vs Mimmi Di Carlo – 26 August 2007

Managerial tiffs are nothing new, but Catania manager Silvio Baldini’s frustrated kick to the backside of Parma manager Mimmo Di Carlo is pure comedy gold: we simply can’t condone this kind of thing… We really don’t approve… But it is bloody funny.

2. Cassano vs Giannoccaro – 16 December 2007

It’s one thing for Cassano to question the fourth official’s decision not to signal for a free-kick but proceeding to hurl abuse at him with a clenched fist is asking for a booking. If that booking means you can’t take part in an important match against former club AS Roma, then don’t start crying and punching the ground: you’ve got only yourself to blame.

1. Cantona vs Crystal Palace Fan – 25 January 1995

It’s the daddy of all temper tantrums and it’s executed with such grace and guile that only “Le King” could manage. There’s nothing like a kung-fu kick to the chest of a rival club supporter to show where your loyalties rest. Cantona’s thoughts on his actions? “If I want to kick a fan I do it.” Trust Cantona to make an otherwise unremarkable 1-1 tie between Manchester United and Crystal Palace into an unforgettable moment in football history.