The Greatest Goals in Premier League History

greatest premier league goals

The Premier League era has reigned over our weekends for 24 years this season, and with the billions of pounds earned in television rights and a growing international fan base, this footballing juggernaut really isn’t showing any signs of pulling up with a sore hammy.

And to celebrate the new season, we’ve taken a trip back through the archives to find the greatest goals in Premier League history. So sit back, relax, crack open a beer and bask in these epic moments of footballing legend.

Wayne Rooney – Manchester United vs Manchester City, 12th February 2011

Love it or hate it, shin or foot, legendary strike or lucky fluke, you can’t deny that this iconic goal is not only a part of Premier League history, but of English sport itself. Nani produces a perfect cross, and Rooney makes the most of it, performing an incredible bicycle kick that Joe Hart surely still has nightmares about to this day.

Dennis Bergkamp – Arsenal vs Newcastle, 2nd March 2002

A classic Premier League moment where Dennis Bergkamp not only showed his immense individual skill, but also set the archetype for every Arsenal forward since. Robert Pires slips a peach of a ball into the box but instead of controlling the ball with his right foot, Bergkamp flicks the ball past the oncoming Nikos Dabizas and taps it past the helpless goalkeeper. Now that’s how you walk it in!

Philippe Albert – Newcastle vs Manchester United, 20th October 1996

In the midst of Kevin Keegan’s “Entertainers” era at Newcastle United Philipe Albert scored this outrageous goal to seal a 5-0 win against Man United. Peter Schmeichel wandered dangerously far from his line, and Albert made him pay with a dinked lob from outside the box, a true feat of skill that saw Alex Ferguson suffer a rare but humbling defeat.

Peter Crouch – Stoke City vs Manchester City, 24th March 2012

While Manchester City vied with United for the Premier League title, Stoke City were almost seen as another obstacle for City to push aside. Peter Crouch put a stop to all that with an outrageous volley from the side of his foot that miraculously found its way into the back of the net. And that’s the only time the robot celebration was ever acceptable.

David Beckham – Wimbledon vs Manchester United, 17th August 1996

Beckham has scored some of the greatest Premier League goals of all time, in fact, we could do a list just for him if we wanted to. But this shot stands out head and shoulders from the rest as a benchmark in Beck’s early career. Opening day of the season, from the half way line, all the time in the world and one incredible goal. See it for yourselves below.

Sergio Aguero – Manchester City vs QPR, 13th May 2012

For Manchester United fans this goal was a horror show, but for the blues? It was the result of years of investment in the club and a title winning payoff. And if you’ve been living under a rock for the past 5 seasons, here it is again, complete with Martin Tyler’s now infamous commentary.

Alan Shearer – Newcastle vs Everton, 1st December 2002

This goal is the perfect example of why Alan Shearer is one of the greatest Premier League goal scorers of all time. From just outside the box, the hero of the ‘toon receives the ball from a headed pass and kicks the living daylights out of it with laser accuracy.

Tony Yeboah – Leeds United vs Liverpool, 21st August 1995

Tony Yeboah cemented himself in Leeds United folklore one hot summer’s night in Elland Road where he produced an outrageous volley from outside the box. The shot was something out of FIFA, clipping the inside of the crossbar before ricocheting behind the goal line and back into the net.

Pappis Cisse – Chelsea vs Newcastle, 21st August 1995

Now if you look in the dictionary for the phrase “wonder goal”, there should be a picture of this right next to it. Nobody will ever be sure if this goal was a genuine strike or a simple cross in the box, but what nobody will be able to argue is that it will go down as one of the most shocking and brilliant Premier League goals of all time.

Cristiano Ronaldo – Manchester United vs Portsmouth, 30th January 2008

Today we know Ronaldo as one of the world’s fiercest free kick takers. But in 2008, the winger still had plenty to prove and this rocket of a shot went some distance to showing everybody exactly what the Portuguese was made of. After a brief chat with Rooney, Cristiano puts the whole of his foot through the ball and lands an unsaveable free kick in the back of the net. The keeper needn’t have bothered diving, so he didn’t!