12 Craziest Goal Celebrations

crazy goal celebrations

Admit it, we’ve all gone a bit mental when scoring a winning goal. But there is such a thing as going a little too crazy in your jubilation, which is why we at Teams on Tour have done our homework and come up with the maddest, baddest goal celebrations in football history.

Wayne Rooney – “It’s a Knockout”

The talk of the papers building up to this game in 2015 had been all about Wayne Rooney being knocked out in his own kitchen by long time footballing friend Phil Bardsley. Now while we won’t show you that video here (although it is hilarious so make sure you Google it later) we will show the defiant celebration Wayne performed when he put United’s third goal past Spurs that same weekend.

Luis Suarez – “Diving Gold”

The Merseyside Derby has never been a polite affair. And in 2012 that statement had never been truer. Luis Suarez had been heavily criticised by then Everton manager David Moyes in the lead up to the game. So when the Uruguayan scored in the 13th minute it was unlucky for the blues boss, who had to put up with the ever controversial Suarez diving to his feet. Have a bite of that, Dave.

Stuart Pearce – “Redemption”

Six long years. That’s how long Stuart Pearce had to wait for his chance for redemption after missing the penalty that effectively removed England from the 1990 World Cup. But as fate would have it, at Euro ’96, Pearce was put in a near identical position against Spain in the quarter finals. Another miss would have been agony. But instead it was ecstasy for Stuart as he thumped his chest with indignant joy. Who said we were crap at penalties?

Eric Cantona – “The King”

There was, and is, only one king in Manchester. And Eric Cantona reminded everybody of that fact with a sublime chip against Sunderland in the 1996-97 Premier League season. Not only producing one of the most iconic goals in English footballing history, but one of Manchester United’s most iconic celebrations.

Peter Crouch – “The Robot”

When Peter Crouch first produced “The Robot” in the summer of 2006 it became an instant hit with England fans all over the nation. Based on a dance move he was filmed performing at a house party held at the Beckham’s, the celebration had a short life as he vowed he would only ever perform it again at a World Cup or Champions League final.

Goodnight, sweet prince.

Franceso Totti – “The Selfie”

The word “selfie” was named the Word of the Year 2013 by Oxford Dictionaries. And two years later it became part of the footballing dictionary too, as AS Roma legend Totti scored and immediately ran to the home end to take a now world-famous picture that broke the internet.

Paul Pogba – “The Dab”

Jesse Lingard, Romelu Lukaku, Paulo Dybala and many more have since latched on to the latest celebration craze in professional sports but for football, it all began with Paul Pogba. In 2015 the then Juventus midfielder unleashed the move after scoring his goals, starting a trend which has inevitably gone viral. Love it or hate it, it’s here to stay.

Daniel Sturridge – “The Wave”

Lest we forget, Daniel Sturridge was a goal scoring guru in 2013-14. His goal celebrations however were not quite so “on point” as we were subjected to the dreaded “wave” which closely resembled your Dad dancing drunk in a Butlin’s disco. Safe to say we would not miss this if it never graced/invaded our television screens again.

Mario Balotelli – “Why Always Me?”

The Manchester Derby has been filled with and often fuelled by moments of controversy, but it’s this Mario Balotelli celebration that made headlines in 2011. After firing home his contribution to Manchester United’s heaviest home defeat in more than half a century, Mario unveiled a shirt he’d worn beneath his City jersey featuring the now famous words “why always me?”.

Jimmy Bullard – “The Phil Brown”

A year before this goal, Jimmy Bullard and his Hull City teammates had been subjected to an embarrassing halftime team talk in the centre of the pitch by former boss Phil Brown. 12 months later, Bullard got his own back. Not only by scoring, but by getting all the players together on the pitch and pulling out his best “Brown” impression.

Jurgen Klinsmann – “The Klinsmann Dive”

Luis Suarez may have taken inspiration for his earlier entry on this list from this iconic celebration in 1994. It was the start of the season, and Jurgen Klinsmann hadn’t yet played a minute for Tottenham Hotspur and yet he was already taking criticism for “diving”. So when he scored on his debut he let everybody know what he thought of the press by performing a dive there and then on live TV.

Paul Gascoigne – “The Dentists Chair”

Look up the word unpredictable in the dictionary and you might just find Paul Gascoigne’s face next to it. “Gazza” simply didn’t know how to keep his head down in his playing career and this celebration is one of his most memorable. Before 1996’s Euros the England squad had been controversially pictured playing an extreme drinking game involving a dentist’s chair, so when he slotted home against Scotland, Gascoigne simply lay on the ground and waited for his teammates to douse him in water.