Away Day Bingo

away day bingo

Away Day Bingo

Making the long and arduous journey to certain away fixtures can be a serious drag and without proper entertainment certain members of the squad can become frustrated and even worse, lose focus. So to keep your troops stimulated before the big game, Teams on Tour have come up with the ultimate pre-match brain teaser… Away Day Bingo.

away day bingo


Because no game is worth playing unless there is a prize to be won.

1st place – A free round on the next team night out.
2nd place – A “get off the bench” card to be redeemed in the next year.
3rd place – A free bacon butty on the next away day.

The Rules

Where would we be without rules gentlemen? In a world where Diego Costa just “gets away with it”? No, we won’t have it. The laws of the game must be followed at all times, and in the result of disqualification the offending player must wash each player’s kit before the next training session.

– Away Day Bingo must only be played on the bus, to and from the away ground.
– To win, you must complete a horizontal or vertical row of five.
– In the result of a draw, the remaining players must compete in a best-of-three Arm Wrestling series (or your chosen equivalent).
– There is no room for interpretation, unless the stated event happens exactly as it is written, you may not cross it off the list.
– Unsportsmanlike conduct will be met with a forfeit of the rest of the players’ choosing.

There’s Always a Bigger Game…

Away Day Bingo is a fine game, for sure. But if you’re after bigger and badder games to build team spirit on your away fixtures, then Teams on Tour has a huge selection to get your squad working together better than Shearer and Sutton. Not only will you boost team morale, but you’ll also have great banter in the process.

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