10 Worst Football Kits Ever

10 worst football kits

With kit deals reaching astounding figures such as Manchester United’s deal with Adidas (worth £750,000,000) there’s more emphasis than ever on clubs delivering a trendy set of threads for their fans to wear for the season ahead.

But there have been times throughout footballing history where teams got it very, very badly wrong. So we’ve picked up where we left off with last year’s 10 Worst Premier League Kits of all time to bring you the ugliest strips in the history of world football.

10. 1860 Munich, 2010-11

A commemorative jersey is always a nice touch for both the club, players and the fans. Just not when it looks like this. Designed to celebrate the club’s 150th anniversary, the shirt looks more like a museum exhibit than a front for a sporting tour de force. And it doesn’t get better if you can look past the horrible body as it’s even got neon yellow lining.

Guilty? – Wie berechnet (as charged).

Sentence? – Burn it with fire.

1860 munich

9. FC Barcelona, 1995-96

Maybe this kit was inspired by the modernist art of Spaniard Pablo Picasso. Maybe it was the brainchild of some drunken designer who had enjoyed one too many sangrias. Either way, it’s simply difficult to look at, and it reminds us of one of those visual illusions you sometimes come across on Facebook. Which might have been the point now we think of it!

Guilty? – Si signor.

Sentence? – Eaten alive by Luis Suarez.


8. CD Palencia, 2016-17

Now we can’t profess to have a deep knowledge of Spain’s third division but we can confirm that someone in CD Palencia’s physio department doesn’t quite have the qualifications to do the job. Otherwise they wouldn’t have had to paste the anatomy of the human body onto their home strip for this season.

Guilty? – As sin.

Sentence? – Taken to the desert, buried and never spoken of again.

cd palencia

7. Birmingham City, 1972-73

Nope, it isn’t meant to be a Belgian flag. And no, it isn’t meant to be a German flag. And if anybody can tell us why this shirt looks the way it does then can you please spill the beans because after sending this monstrosity around the office we still can’t figure it out.

Guilty? – Yes, ja and ja.

Sentence? – Used as an oil rag for a Mercedes.


6. Colorado Caribous, 1978-1979

We’re sure that the Colorado Caribous designed this jersey with the intention of it being an eye catching garm for their fans. It was not. Instead it was a tassled, cowboy inspired mess that wouldn’t look out of place in the music video for Cotton Eyed Joe.

Guilty? – Yes sir.

Sentence? – To be cremated in Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire.


5. Dundee, 1953-54

This tartan disaster isn’t from the wardrobe department of Only Fools and Horses and in fact the only people who were fooled by this shirt were the players who were forced to wear it. Let’s hope Dundee don’t decide to resurrect this awful design anytime soon.

Guilty? – Aye.

Sentence? – Torn to shreds by William Wallace’s axe.


4. England, 1996

Even the three lions aren’t averse to a bit of football kit controversy. Take this shirt for example, which more colour than is ever necessary on an England strip, looking like the heat map of a Salvador Dali painting. A complete and utter disaster, not unlike their Euro 2016 campaign 20 years later.

Guilty? – As Joe Hart’s shampoo adverts.

Sentence? – In goal for a penalty shootout against Germany. Except the Germans have bazookas instead of footballs.


3. Reggina, 2015-16

The designer of Italian third division side Reggina’s home kit in 2015-16 was either a huge Hellboy fan or they simply refused to stick to the rules. At least the fans could pretend that they had the six-pack of The Rock on match days.

Guilty? – Ab-solutely.

Sentence? – Doused in limoncello and set alight.


2. Everton, 2011-12

Goalkeepers always seem to miss out on getting the good stuff when it comes to kits but if Everton sought to put that trend to rights in 2011 they got it very, very badly wrong. This camouflage jersey might’ve been an effort to put off strikers, but instead they conceded a whopping 40 goals. Almost like the keeper was nowhere to be seen?

Guilty? – Court-martialled.

Sentence? – Used as target practice by the SAS.

Everton, 2011-12

1. Hull City, 1992-93

Who can forget that season where “The Tigers” took their name all a little bit too seriously and ended up looking like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh… Or Tony the Tiger… We can’t decide. But what we do know is that this kit didn’t, isn’t and will never taste great.

Guilty? – Fashion crimes in the first degree.

Sentence? – Taken to Africa and fed to wild, actual tigers.

Hull City, 1992-93

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