10 Biggest Sporting Rage Quits

sporting rage quits

As mad Mourinho faces two, yes two FA charges in the space of just one week, we here at Teams on Tour have been racking our brains to think of the biggest sporting rage quits we’ve seen on the sporting stage. From epic strops, violent outbursts and cancelling games to stripping naked in front of thousands of fans, here are the 10 terrible tantrums to end them all… We hope!

The Full Mongolian – Rio 2016

One of the more recent inclusions on this list and certainly one of the most bonkers! All of Mongolia must have cheered when hard-as-nails Olympic wrestler Ganzorigiin Mandakhnaran reached the bronze medal match at Rio 2016. However, the scenes of jubilation soon turned sour as Mongolia’s star man was stripped of his medal-winning chance by a last-minute judging decision… Which prompted both his coaches to strip their clothes in protest? It must be seen to be believed, which is exactly why we’ve featured the video below. Enjoy.

Luis Suarez – Copa America 2016

Not one to steer away from taking a bite of the action, Luis Suarez found himself embroiled in controversy once again in 2016 after this epic rage quit. Left on the bench for Uruguay’s match against Venezuela, the free-scoring marksman kicked off big time after coach Oscar Tabarez told him he would not be playing. Punching the dugout and flinging a boot onto the pitch in protest. Couldn’t he have just said “bite me?” (okay, we’ll show ourselves out).

Luis Suarez – FIFA World Cup 2014

So, you can’t mention Luis Suarez in a list of rage quits without featuring this now infamous incident. The Uruguayan had struck with his oversized gnashers twice before (once at Ajax, and then again at Liverpool) but this time was a gnaw too far for everybody playing and all of us watching at home. Uruguay were a goal down against Italy, and when Suarez couldn’t escape Georgio Chiellini’s pocket (where he’d been for most of the game), he decided to chew his way out.

Sheikh Fahid Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah – FIFA World Cup 1982

Now imagine the Queen marching down from the stands after England lost to Iceland, to order the players off the pitch until the goal was reversed and the game continued. Pretty difficult, right? But that’s exactly what happened in 1982. Kuwait, a goal down against France, were saved by Sheikh Fahid, the president of their FA after he launched the only successful one-man pitch invasion in the history of football. Sometimes, rage quits pay off.

Tears of a Heavyweight – Oliver McCall vs Lennox Lewis, 1997

We can’t imagine Anthony Joshua, Vladimir Klitschko or Triple G breaking down in tears halfway through a fight, but that’s exactly how this matchup ended in 1997 when heavyweight pugilist Oliver McCall turned on the waterworks after being pushed back for 4 rounds by then-champ Lennox Lewis. A word of advice; if you’re ever confronted by a man as punch-happy as Lewis, don’t cry in front of him.

Zinedine Zidane – FIFA World Cup 2006

The World Cup’s history books are packed with controversial moments and this might just be the most famous of the lot. To this day, no-one knows for sure what Italian defender Marco Materazzi said to Zidane to spark the Frenchman’s rage in the 2006 final. But once he did, Zinedine let him know with a brutal headbutt to the chest that looked like something straight out of the WWE.

Brock Lesnar – WWE Hell in a Cell 2015

Speaking of the WWE, this rage quit certainly turned a few heads when wrestling and MMA megastar Brock Lesnar was reportedly accidentally bloodied during a brutal Hell in a Cell match with the legendary Undertaker. Instead of allowing the medics to attend to his wound, The Beast legitimately tossed them across the ring. And they say wrestling is fake…

Teething problems – Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield, 1997

If punches aren’t working, use your teeth… At least that’s what Mike Tyson decided to do in his infamous 1997 clash with Evander Holyfield. And unlike Luis Suarez, Tyson made his gnashes count, taking a chunk of Holyfield’s right ear in the process. See the incident in all its gory glory right here.

“You cannot be serious!” – John McEnroe

The American tennis legend featured heavily on our list of epic Tennis Tantrums but truthfully, McEnroe has so many iconic rage quits underneath his belt that he deserves an entire montage of big-hitting hissy fits. Which we’ve rather conveniently put just below, and before you ask, yes, we are serious!

Va va voom? – Thierry Henry, 2001

We all remember Thierry Henry for his incredibly skilful football, great personality and that unbeaten 03/04 Premier League season. But earlier in his Arsenal career, the master of “va va voom” was prone to the odd temper tantrum and this incident involving referee Graham Poll is the perfect example. In fact, things got so heated that even the police had to get involved. Hardly the piece de resistance of a great player’s glittering career.