7 Ways to Get Motivated for the New Season

7 ways to get motivated for the new season

Whatever your sport, the off-season is a long, bleak and dismal time. And yet, there’s a strange sense of relief when you wake up at 7am on a Sunday and realise you don’t need to get out of bed, pull on your sportswear and drive to a muddy field to be run ragged by your fitter teammates for three hours (unless you are the fitter teammate, in which case, send us your quinoa salad recipes). So when it’s time to jump back into the action, it can understandably be difficult to shake off the cobwebs. That’s why we’ve consulted our own team of sportsmen and women here at Teams on Tour to discover their 7 best ways to get motivated for the new season.

Run, run, and run some more

Running. Nobody likes it. Even your friend-of-a-friend who ran a half marathon last year hates it really. And yet it’s key to getting yourself amped-up for the weekly cycle of warm-up, exercise, exhaustion, repeat ad nauseum.

Cut out the junk food

When was the last time you saw Andy Murray finish a point, wipe his tartan brow and retire to the touchline, only to pull a Big Mac from his kit bag? Pah, the ludicrousness of it!!! Yes. We are being sarcastic. No. The mighty Big Mac is not nutritious. And yes. You should probably cut the junk food if you’re planning on making the Herculean return to your Year 10 county championship winning form that you’ve been daydreaming of on the sly.

Get a new workout playlist

Music is a truly powerful thing and yes, it’s a tool you should definitely use when working out for the new season. And if you haven’t updated your workout playlists in a while then make like Kanye West circa 2007 and get “harder, better, faster, stronger!” to the sounds of all your favourite artists. On your phone! What a world we live in.

Plan a sports tour

After a long period of inactivity, getting the guys or girls together for an away tour is the perfect way to dust off your #skillz and break the ice with new teammates as well. With over 80 destinations to choose from, all of which are steeped in sporting brilliance, we can help you back into peak form in time for the first kick-off of the new season. Find out more…

Design a new kit

Every summer, Premier League teams scramble to unveil their latest kits and while we’re by no means suggesting that Nike, Umbro and Adidas are competing for the rights to design sportswear for West Woking U19s, there’s plenty of services out there that’ll let you design a new kit for the upcoming season. This cosmetic change might not just be skin deep either, as switching attire can also have a positive mental lift too that could be the difference between winning and losing later on.

Invite friends to train

Adding new faces to the team can be a huge motivating factor. For one, they might be able to run rings around you and make you realise that the 15% of energy you’ve been saving for the walk to the chippy later on is better spent on the pitch. Secondly, you never know who could have hitherto undiscovered talent. Yes, even Dave from the bookies once had trials for Accrington Stanley didn’t you know?

Go on a team night out

Nothing, NOTHING creates team chemistry like throwing down to Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off on a Saturday night. The collective social embarrassment/empowerment will definitely translate to the pitch when you rocket a free kick over the goal and, instead of displaying rage, your teammates remember that they too are fallible human beings as a supercut of that fateful night plays out in their minds. You. Dad dancing to Cher’s Believe. Priceless. Find out more…