22 Best Sports Gadgets For 2018


Everyone loves a gadget and yes, there will always be those tech addicts who take it too far, “Head to the golf course without my swing powered, laser-guided, titanium, ‘Green Sweeper’ putter? It’s not the dark ages!”, but for every WTF there is a must have that really can improve your game. To give you the lowdown on the latest and best upcoming tech, we’ve found the 22 must-own sports gadgets for 2018.


Aftershokz completely remove the irritation of your earbuds falling out mid-run or that earache halfway through a long session with innovative bone-conduction technology. Instead of the sound of your music travelling through your ear-canal, Aftershokz transmit music through your cheekbones to your inner ear, which also allows you to listen to music without sacrificing situational awareness. It’s music technology, specially designed for sports and it’s brilliant.

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Ever wondered how professional football clubs and leagues measure player performance? It’s with uber-cool gadgets like the SPT GPS 2. Using its advanced software, Gametraka, the SPT GPS can generate a heatmap of your play after a match, as well as reporting on all your crucial statistics throughout 90 minutes of pitch time. The only thing it can’t do is improve the ref’s eyesight. “That was NEVER a penalty!”

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spt gps 2


Improving your fitness in time for a new season or a post-season tour can be made so much easier by Slendertone. These high-tech belts use electrical signals that copy the impulses usually produced by the brain to cause your muscles to contact and expand, targeting those hard-to-exercise parts of your abdomen and helping you to get the most out of a workout.

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Certain fitness trackers on the market will try to distract you with gimmicks but not MyZone. This superb product livestreams your effort levels to an app, giving you an instant update of your progress measuring; effort, heart rate calories burned and MEPs (MYZONE effort points). You can measure your progress against your friends or team mates.

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Training Mask

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of breathing in sport. Yes, obviously if you stop doing it you’ll fall over. But improving your breathing can enhance your workout performance, recovery and conditioning allowing you to push harder and achieve more. The Training Mask helps control your airflow to change the load on your respiratory muscles, you can adjust the levels at the touch of a dial. You also get to look as hard as Bane.

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Lumo Bodytech

Taking real-time workout analysis to the next level, Lumo Bodytech have developed both the innovative Lumo Run and Lumo Lift sensors to help you track your training sessions to the minute detail. This pocket-sized sensor clips to your clothing and delivers up-to-the-minute stats on your form and how you might improve, but what’s even more impressive is if you pair it with a pair of ‘Smart Shorts’, conductive threading will provide on-demand feedback whenever you want it. Natch.

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While other mere mortals stare at themselves in the mirror you should be watching your progression with the help of a Gymwatch. After loading the app on your smartphone, you can launch a full workout session and witness your greatness in real time either through your headphones, or with cool visuals on the app. The Gymwatch will even give you pointers to improve and get an edge over the rest while they’re busy measuring their biceps for the umpteenth time. #ThankYouGymwatch.

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LYS Technologies

We hate to be the first to tell you this, but if you’re staying up until 3am playing FIFA at night then you probably won’t put in your best performance in the morning. That’s where a LYS will come in. This light-measuring wearable will track your circadian rhythm, make sure you’re getting the right amount of natural light and help you maintain energy to spend on the pitch. Sorted!

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lys technologies

See.Sense ACE

See.Sense’s latest innovation could help make your cycling training safer. What appears to be a typical bike light on first glance, the See.Sense ACE uses advanced artificial intelligence to track and react to your journey, changing its state (static, flashing etc) and brightness to match your surroundings. It also features theft alerts, crash alerts, a brake light function and more than 200 degrees of visibility. Yeah, a bike light that actually seems more intelligent than many road users.

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see sense ace


While the likes of SIRI and Alexa have been dominating the mainstream market, LifeBEAM’s innovative VI has been making waves in the world of sporting gadgets. This is artificial intelligence specially designed to help you get the most out of your workouts and training sessions, she remembers your past efforts, adapts to your form and sets the pace, you can even wear her in everyday life. The future is now, people.

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lifebeam vi


Moving away from the traditional fitness wearable, RunScribe sensors are instead placed in the heel of your shoe or attached to your laces to deliver more accurate readings on your training session. It also means you won’t have to deal with any tricky phone apps and with a lightweight design it’s entirely possible you’ll forget that it’s there until you’re home and ready to find out how you did compared to the rest of the world – yep, RunScribe has its own leaderboards so you can test yourself against the best and stay motivated.

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run scribe

Lumos Helmet

Whether you consider yourself a competitive rider or just an amateur, all cyclists know that in the winter months especially, staying visible is crucial to road safety. That’s what makes Lumos Helmet such an essential gadget. Just like any other helmet, it’s designed to protect you in a crash, but unlike any other helmet, it features 48 LED lights to create a full wireless-remote-activated indication system. It’s an awesome bit of gadgetry that goes beyond being part of your cycling attire as it’s just that cool.

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lumos helmet


SHFT.RUN has taken strides forward in the populated world of running wearables with a brilliant triangulation system that records data from a pod on your chest and a pod on your foot. That means more in-depth information on how your run is affecting your breathing, upper body and overall physique as you pound the pavements. That’s all before we’ve even mentioned that the SHFT will even give you advice through your headphones as you train.

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shft run


Bulldozing its way onto the home-workout market, the W8 GYM is an incredible multi-use piece of equipment that gives you 10kgs of dumbbells, 3 strengths of resistance bands and over 200 exercises to perform, not to mention the lightweight container itself. So, wave goodbye to that expensive gym membership, chuck those plans to install a makeshift garage gym into the bin and work out in the comfort of your own home. You deserve it.

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w8 gym

Zepp Soccer Tracker

Get excited. Using a Zepp Soccer Tracker you can finally generate accurate Sky Sports style player statistics for yourself after every match you play. Measure the amount of kicks you’ve made in a game, your total sprints, how far you’ve run, how fast you travelled and much more. The tracker can even record real-time video and auto-generate a personal highlight reel for you. The only thing you’re missing is Martin Tyler commentary.

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zepp soccer tracker


Improve your recovery after a big match with a Trionz bracelet, the world’s most powerful magnetic therapy wearable. Featuring Colantotte magnets infused with negative ions, these bands help to alleviate the aches, pains and stiffness that come hand in hand with high-impact sports. Already used by top sporting professionals in both tennis and golf, this could be the different between an injury keeping you out for a month. It’s pretty damn stylish too.

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Fitness Genes

Now this is both a gadget and an experience that could change your lifestyle forever. After picking your workout goals, Fitness Genes will send you a special DNA test kit and once you’ve provided a saliva sample, it’s back to the lab for testing. Then, their team will analyse your biological data and report back with some personalised training advice and even genetically tailored diet plans. It’s your scientific fast-track to full fitness. Just don’t be upset if it tells you to lay off the pies.

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fitness genes


Qardio produce several wearables designed to track your cardiovascular system and your blood pressure with ease, without requiring a trip to your GP. The QardioCore for example allows a complete readout of your heart health on your smartphone screen including a medically accurate electrocardiograph so you can get an in-depth look of what’s going on inside your ticker when you play. Crucially, it’ll also share data with your doctor should it encounter any problems.

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We’re probably all guilty of not drinking as much water as we should, but any sportsperson worth their salt knows that hydration is crucial to a good performance on the pitch. Ozmo Smart Bottles tackle this issue by linking with an app on your smartphone to keep track of how much water you’ve drunk throughout the day. The bottle itself features LED lights, vibrating alerts and even the ability to detect when you’ve put something other than water in there… You cheeky devil, you.

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Crossrope Jump Ropes

Jump ropes have been used in gym work for decades but never have they been this good. Crossrope Jump Ropes allow you to switch up the weight of your ropes on the go to allow for a more varied and effective training session as you look to build your upper body strength. With heavier ropes you’re likely to achieve better results and thanks to Crossrope’s official app you can track your progress down to every last set.

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crossrope jump ropes

Blue Goji

This isn’t readily available for mass consumption just yet but it’s certainly one to keep your eyes peeled for. Simply put, Blue Goji is virtual reality gaming for fitness. Yep, working out just got fun. You can trade your sweaty gym for a colourful video game world complete with interesting characters, immersive environments and a variety of games that cater for different workouts, from Dino Fense to Cardio Racer. Game on.

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blue goji


Who says that smart watches can’t look cool? The Dagadam is slick, stylish and wouldn’t look amiss on the wrist of a certain Mr. Bond. It comes complete with an AI based notification system, GPS and sport trackers too, so you can analyse your training sessions with ease as well as your performance on the pitch when it comes to matches – best of all, you’ll be the envy of all your teammates while you do it.

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