Football Drinking Game

football drinking game

Watching the footy with a pint has been a tradition since Sir Bobby was a lad. Beer and football, they go together like fish and chips, pie and mash, Heskey and ‘Missed!’. And us blokes like our beer to be sporting.

But it’s not just beer, we’ll turn anything into a game, add more alcohol and a few loose rules and suddenly it’s a sporting occasion! So here are those rules…

the rules

Drink if…

  • A goal is scored – One finger of beer.
  • The team you support concede – Turn your shirt back to front.
  • The team you support score – Turn your shirt back the right way.
  • Yellow card – Two fingers of beer.
  • Red card – Everyone take a shot.
  • Russian player scores – Shot of vodka (if it’s German, drink schnapps, Mexican – tequila, you get the idea).
  • Someone scores an own goal – Switch to soft drinks for 10 minutes.
  • Commentary ‘banter’ – Stop drinking and do your best fake laugh.
  • Goal scored from outside the box – Drink 3 fingers. Through a straw.
  • Goal from a header – Last person to put their glass on their head… Loses their drink, to be replaced by orange juice.
  • A team scores after 90 minutes – Down your drinks.

Please remember to play responsibly, this football drinking game is about having laughs, not about who can drink as much as Gazza at the dentists. Substitute in some soft drinks if you have to. Always pace yourselves and always uphold financial fair play – if it’s your round, don’t try and dodge it.

Have we missed any classic football drinking game rules? Let us know in the comments section below!