Six Nations Rugby Drinking Game

6 nations rugby drinking game

Pies, pints and bloody great blokes bludgeoning each other. Rugby is a real man’s sport and the Six Nations tournament is arguably bigger, better and louder than any other. But there is one thing the sport is missing (aside from hundreds of teeth) and that’s a universal set of rugby drinking game rules. So, pull on your shirts, belt out your anthem of choice and swing low, sweet chariot.

It’s game time!

the rules

Drink if…

  • France have a try disallowed – Yell ‘Merde!’ in a French accent.
  • A try is scored – Down your drink.
  • England concede a try – Sit down and tut loudly.
  • Sin bin! – Put your drinks to one side. You can drink again once the offending player returns to the pitch.
  • Red card – Everyone take a shot.
  • Ireland score a try – Link arms and river dance!
  • Hands in the ruck – Drink half your drink without using your hands.
  • Scotland kick for a line-out – Immediately stop drinking/eating anything English.
  • The referee goes to the TMO – Drink a shot of the barman’s choosing.
  • Wales score a penalty kick – Swap your drink for a pint of Brains (the beer, not the, oh never mind).
  • Drop goal scored – Last person to shout, ‘Johnny Wilkinson!’ must switch to soft drinks.
  • Scrum for Italy – That’s amore! Hug it out with the player next to you.
  • A team scores after 80 minutes – Down your drinks.
  • Final whistle – Break bread (of heaven). Time for some food.

Just remember to leave the hard knocks to the real egg chasers. Our rugby drinking game is about having good times with mates, not finding out who could keep up with Jason Leonard’s Greatest Rugby Drinkers XV (yes, that’s than actual thing). Switch to soft drinks if necessary and remember, rugby is a gentleman’s game even if it is ‘played by hooligans’ so never, ever dodge your round.

Do we deserve a sin binning? Have we missed your favourite rugby drinking game rule? Let us know all about it on Twitter or in the comments section below!