22 Best British Sports Brands


British manufacturers have been revolutionising our sports kit since Robin Hood first invited his mates round for a “game of arrows”. And to be the very best sometimes the right kit can be the deciding factor. So, it’s time to celebrate the 22 Best British Sports Brands. “Gentlemen, game on.”


The game of badminton wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for Carlton, a company whose reinventions of the technology have reshaped the game time and time again. Rackets, apparel and accessories, all designed in a distinctively British style.

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A brand synonymous with sport with everything from racing tyres to sportwear. If you weren’t already packing a Dunlop racket, then it’s time to start doing yourself a favour and picking up one of these finely engineered pieces of kit to finally perfect that forearm or add a devastating angle to your backhand.

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If you’ve ever graced a rugby pitch the chances are you’ve played with a Gilbert ball. Few sports manufacturers can claim to be as iconic as this brilliant British brand and having applied their rugby expertise to training kit and other essential gear, they are a must for any rugby kit bag.

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Vintage style is back in fashion on the streets and on the racetrack as Gola running trainers are the must-have retro sports name for 2018. But these British-made kicks are far from a throwback, with innovative expanding foam midsoles, they’re designed to give you more support than ever. The perfect buy if you like staying ahead of the pack.

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Used by top cricketers like Alastair Cook and David Warner, Gray-Nicolls is one of the leading manufacturers for players looking to perfect their batting game. Add one of their finely crafted bats to your kit bag and you’ll be knocking it for six in no time, while first-class fielders will love their range of shoes.

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Gunn & Moore

Working out of their factory in Nottingham, Gunn & Moore create some of the best equipment that the game played with cricket bat and ball have ever seen. Stepping up to the crease with one of these bats in your hand is a joyous experience as you feel the satisfying slap of English willow on spinning ball for, yes, another six!

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Having started out back in 1919, Halbro have been at the forefront of sportswear innovation since two friends decided to get together in the coal mining town of Wigan to create something different. Nearly 100 years later, they’re still at the top of their game and like any legendary pro, they keep finding ways to reinvent themselves.

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Mitre Sports

Whether you’re a Sunday league legend or a 5-a-side sharpshooter, if you’ve played the beautiful game, the chances are you’ve played it with a Mitre ball. The manufacturer of the match balls for the English Football League, Mitre’s Great British footballing credentials are simply second to none.

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Parris Cues

Quite simply the name in the world of snooker cue manufacturer, John Parris are the craftsman behind the cues used by the game’s top professional players. Parris have been perfecting snooker for over 25 years and have been responsible for some of the most exciting matches in snooker history.

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PowaKaddy don’t just carry your clubs, they do everything you’d ask of a caddy. These British-made electric golf trollies do all the hard lugging for you, making a day out on the course so much easier. Plus with a fully integrated GPS you can accurately track the distances to greens and hazards, so it’ll help you up your game to boot.

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If, like many of the world’s top athletes, you care about where your activewear has come from, then innovative, British-based Sundried are for you. All their apparel is ethically produced with premium fabrics and smart design that helps you produce your best performance, whatever your sport.

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Vivobarefoot know that the things you use to pedal, push and kick your way to success are ‘biomechanical masterpieces’, their expertly engineered shoes allow you to get the most out of your natural ability. Plus they look seriously cool.

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Webb Ellis

Named after the legendary originator of rugby, Webb Ellis are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of shirts, training gear, matchday jerseys and game quality balls. The perfect brand to have on your side for those tough tackling moments on the pitch.

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The amount of fine engineering that goes into Winmau’s darts equipment could finally be that extra touch to finally take the office darts title. With professional darts players stepping up to the oche with Winmau darts in hand, throwing them at a Winmau board watching custom flights plunging into those trebles. They’re as synonymous with darts as Phil the Power Taylor.

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Whether you’re in need of new gear or just some new threads to wear the next time you take to the cricket pitch, Woodworm have you covered. This thoroughly British manufacturer creates high quality apparel and sporting accessories to help you bring your A game on any given Sunday.

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If you’re serious about your lane game then it’s time to revisit this iconic UK sports manufacturer from your youth and buy yourself a selection of their best performance-designed goggles. You’ll be cutting through the H2O in no time.

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While the rest of the pack are all running in the same soulless imported gear, you’ll be leading the way in Soar high-performance running wear. Designed to look as good as it feels to move in, this is new generation fitness attire that won’t let you down, using cutting-edge fabrics and innovative technology.

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Iffley Road

If high-quality running gear made in Britain immediately makes you put your hand on your heart and start to hum ‘Rule Britannia’, then Iffley Road is the place to go. The husband and wife team behind this brand are running experts too, so it’s no surprise their products are all 100% designed with runners in mind.

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Helping UK runners up their game since 1961, Norman Walsh Footwear are fiercely British, even featuring the Union Jack on most of their shoes. Using a unique blend of suede and cashmere wool to make your workout as comfortable as it is effective. And they look awesome!

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Not taking time to think about your socks before your run/workout was your first mistake. Make it your last with Sockmine, a fantastic British brand that designs and makes technically sound socks that’ll keep your feet fresh while you put in the hard work.

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Yoga is an essential part of any real athlete’s lifestyle (several professionals have claimed it’s prolonged their career) but what do you wear while you’re pulling out your best downwards dog? That’s where Gossypium come in. Their no-hassle yoga wear is extremely comfortable and durable, plus it’s all ethically made.

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