Weirdest Moments of the 2018 Winter Olympics

olympics moments

The 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics showed exactly why sport transcends so much. For three short weeks the whole world came together, Northern and Southern neighbours became teammates, rivals became friends and squirrels became reckless. If you didn’t have time to stay awake every night and watch all the action, we’ve got the best stories of this year’s games.

One Cool Dude

Tonga’s Pita Taufatofua made global headlines at the 2016 summer games competing in the taekwondo finals. As his country’s flagbearer he set global pulses racing after walking into the stadium wearing nothing but a grass skirt.

In 2018 he went one better. Not only was he the only member of the Tongan team, he braved freezing conditions to go topless again.

Bit a Pita

All those female fans wanting a bit a Pita were able to cheer him into 114th place of the 15km freestyle race. Having decided this was the event for him he managed not to come in last place. In fact, despite finishing 23 minutes after the winner, big hearted Pita waited at the finish line to congratulate the last placed competitor, 43 yr old Mexican German Madrazo.

Even more amazingly, Pita only learnt to ski 3 months before the Olympics began. Legend!

Breakneck Mountain

Austrian Markus Schairer was in fourth place in the snowboard cross competition when he took a bad fall, fracturing the 5th vertebrae in his neck. Incredibly he got up and finished the race before seeking treatment.

Death Wish Squirrel

One of the biggest stars of this year’s Olympics wasn’t a competitor, it was a daredevil squirrel who treated the men’s giant slalom like a game of Frogger (obscure 80’s gaming reference) and sent Twitter into a critter frenzy.

Kim Jong Wrong

It can’t be easy having a face like the North Korean ruler, but an Australian-Chinese man known only as “Howard” gate crashed the party in order to meet the North Korean cheerleaders who looked less than happy to see him. After being removed from the building “for his own safety” Howard told reporters “My face is too political,” he said. “I was born with this face, I’ve got to live with it.”

The Flying Tache

Robert Johansson was a double winner, not only did he pick up a gold in the ski jump final, he also bags the games’ best face furniture award for his highly impressive, if slightly villainous moustache.

Gangnam Mascot

The London 2012 Olympics were good, but can you imagine those weird spiky mascots getting down to a bit of Chas and Dave? This is how you make your mascot look cool.

Downhill Funk

Did the American ski team have a bit too much time on their hands during training? You decide.

Lizzy Long Shot

Due to a number of injuries and some fairly average performances while preparing for the games, Britain’s defending skeleton champion Lizzy Yarnold was given odds of just 28/1. Things weren’t helped by a chest infection but Yarnold fought back with Churchillian determination to win gold. Again.

Finknitting in Style

The coolest coach of the games has to be Finland’s Antti Koskinen who was seen knitting while waiting for Roope Tonteri to start his run.

“Holy F**K!”

Pffft! Teenagers today huh? 17-year-old American Red Gerard overslept, lost his coat, won a gold medal and said, ‘Holy f**k!’ on TV all in one amazing day.

Pyeongchangnam Style

And finally, we’ll let the music speak for itself. We’re off to find an obscure winter event we can qualify in to compete in 2022. See you then.